My name is Sarah, and I am a succulent fanatic.blog

My collection started in 2013 when I saw a display of succulent plants at IKEA – what were those odd but beautiful-looking plants? I couldn’t resist bringing three of them home.

For about six months, I had no idea what I was doing. Two of my plants had died. I decided it was time to do some research, and it didn’t take long before I was searching for succulents online on a daily basis. From forums to photos, I couldn’t read or see enough when it came to these plants. Soon, I had a wish list 200 plants long.

Fast-forward to August 2014 and I have 120 plants. My knowledge has grown tremendously, and with that, my plants. I love to share my knowledge with other enthusiasts, and I soon hope to share my plants through an Etsy shop.

For tons of eye candy, visit my Flickr page. You can also visit some of my favorite blogs under the “Recommended Blogs” tab in the menu.

This blog started as a class project, but I hope to continue it for years to come. Thank you for visiting; I hope you enjoy!


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