One last California post

Yes, I have even more succulents to share from my trip to California!

Succulents are basically everywhere in California, not just nurseries and gardens. I almost wonder if people who live here get bored of them – but that’s completely unfathomable to a fanatic like myself.

Shortly after our arrival at my aunt-in-law’s house, my husband and I went for a walk to explore the neighborhood. Of course, I only had eyes for the plants.



This fantastic Echeveria ‘Afterglow’ was sitting in front of someone’s house – just sitting there, looking amazing. Check out those pups in the second photo!



This humungous aeonium was also planted in a strip in front of someone’s home – notice my husband’s hand and foot for scale. This plant was bigger than our faces, and seemed to be growing like a weed.

This next set of succulents are all growing at the San Juan Capistrano mission.


xGraptosedum ‘Ghosty’ with blooming Senecio mandraliscae (or ‘Blue Chalk Sticks’)


xGraptosedum ‘Ghosty’


A pot of aeonium, jade, xGraptosedum ‘Ghosty’ and ‘Blue Chalk Sticks’


Some type of echeveria, unknown to me, with beautiful coloring


More large cacti (I loved the variegated one below)




Crassula arborescens, commonly known as ‘Silver Dollar Jade’

And, finally, these beauties were growing along the street outside the gift shop. Yes, this is what Californians plant to fill space.




And that concludes this summer’s trip to California.

Meanwhile, my succulents are sitting beneath artificial lights in my living room…

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