Sherman Library and Gardens

…a.k.a. succulent heaven.

My husband and I went on a weekend trip to California in July, and his aunt whom we were staying with recommended that we take a visit to the Sherman Library and Gardens, which was only 10 minutes from her house. What we thought would be a quick little stop ended up being the highlight of our trip. Not only were the crepes we had at the garden cafe delicious, we were mesmerized by thousands of perfectly-tended succulents. We were even lucky enough to see many of them in bloom. Even my husband, who generally rolls his eyes at any mention of succulents, was amazed and fully enjoyed the visit.

This post is going to be heavy on the pictures, but I don’t think you’ll mind.

IMG_1052That color…

IMG_1057Those blooms…

IMG_1062Echeveria ‘Perle von Nuernberg’ (I’ve finally learned the proper spelling)



IMG_1074Echeveria ‘Mexican Giant’

IMG_1076Amazing landscaping…the whole thing was reminiscent of a coral reef







IMG_1092Echeveria cante in bloom



IMG_1096Usually I’m not a fan of cacti or non-fleshy succulents, but this monstrose variety was quite eye-catching


IMG_1100…As were the agaves


IMG_1104Just look at the size of this one!

IMG_1107Can you spot what’s special about these stairs?

IMG_1109Best. stairs. ever.

At $3 for adults, Sherman Library and Gardens in Corona Del Mar is about the biggest bargain you’ll find on a California vacation – but the experience (especially for succulent lovers) is worth much more.

For even more photos (yes, there’s more) click this link to view my Flickr album.


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